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Successful contact for BdP Bundeslager, Germany with Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 18:20 UTC, 20.20 local time scouts from the BdP Bundeslager at Großzerlang, Germany established ARISS contact with ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, IZØJPA onboard the International Space Station. This was a direct contact performed by Amateur radio ground station DP9S, located at VCP-Bundeszeltplatz, Großzerlang, Germany.

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Presentation BdP Bundeslager:

The “Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder”(BdP) is a Guide and Scout Association from Germany. BdP is part of the “World Organisation of the Scout Movement” (WOSM) and the “World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts” (WAGGGS).

Every four years a National Jamboree (summer camp) is organized, where about 5’500 guides and scouts, in the age of 12 to 16 years, meet. Part of this gathering are also about 500 guest scouts from all over the world. In German the camp is called “BuLa” – a abbreviation for “Bundeslager”.

During two weeks the scouts live peaceful together and enjoy life abroad from civilization. They camp in traditional “black tents”, which are a specialty of German scouts. The basic tent shape it that of a small tipi (Kothe) our a yurt (Jurte). But there are nearly no limits in combining the tent elements and the scouts build awesome constructions, which they call yurt-castle (Jurtenburg). After everything is built, the campground becomes a little city, where the inhabitants experience a unique back-to-the-roots atmosphere and share thescouting and guiding spirit.

The 10 main camp days are loaded with exciting outdoor activities. There are on site actives but also excursions to the surroundings. You can climb, build pioneering stuff, go geocaching, biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, canoeing, go for a drink or snack in on of the tent coffees, etc. etc. . One activity spot is the scout-radio-amateur-tent. There the scouts can do amateur radio direction finding (fox hunting), play a game with avalanche beacons, have internationalamateur radio contacts, learn about EME (earth-moon-earth) and try it out or play one of the other radio connected games.  And of course, a highlight of ours is the contact with the ISS.

The motto of the camp is “Estonteco 2017”. “Estonteco” means in Esperanto “future”. Our tent city will be a space for different walks of life, nationalities and cultures, to engage and get know each other, while we build our camp world from scratch.

Contact was established at 18:20 UTC, 20.20 local time with OR4ISS via DP9S. During the scheduled contact ESA Astronaut Paolo Nespoli answered 20 questions. Signals from the ISS were loud and clear during the whole pass.

About 2’000 scout attended the event. A TV broadcast team and some other media covered the contact.

vy 73 de DP9S

Jochen DK8ZM and Falk HB9EUD


Audio: BdP_BuLa_2017_ISS_Kontakt.mp3




01 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Scouts and Hams 01. August 2017 0019 02 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Scouts DSCN8633

03 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Station Table DSCN8625 04 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Boy Scout 01. August 2017 0026

05 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Girl Scout 01. August 2017 0025 06 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Instructions IMG 8099

07 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Advertisment 01. August 2017 0018 08 BdP Bundeslager 2017 ISS Audiance comming 01. August 2017 0014



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