Dual ARISS Telebridge contact planned Friday June 20, 2014


A dual ARISS Telebridge contact is planned Friday June 20 at 18:36 UTC, which is 20:36 CEST.

NASA astronaut Gregory Wiseman KF5LKT will answer questions from two groups of students in two different countries.


One group of participating students will be located at Focus Camp in Candriai, Italy. The second group will be located at the Euro Space Center in Belgium. The students in Italy will ask the odd numbered questions. The students in Belgium will ask the even numbered questions.


The radio contact with the International Space Station will be established by the ARISS Telebridge ground station IK1SLD, located in northern Italy.


Signals from the ISS will be audible over Europe on 145.800 FM.


The event will be broadcast on EchoLink AMSAT (node 101 377) and JK1ZRW (node 277 208) Conference servers, as well as on IRLP Discovery Reflector 9010.


Focus Camp, Candriai, Italy

The radio contact with the ISS will take place during the Focus Campus, a science summer camp addressed to children aged 8 to 13 organised by Focus Junior - the most popular science magazine for children in Italy - and Sterrenlab, the camp organiser. During the week children will participate to science laboratories, learn about science topics and challenge themselves to design and build experiments and machines. The Focus Campus in Candriai (Trento) focuses on tinkering and DIY activities ("Una scienza da creare" - "A science to create"). Children will also have the opportunity to do sport in the morning, play with their friends and visit the alpine nature surrounding the camp premises.


Euro Space Center, Redu, Belgium

About 150 youngsters from all over Europe celebrate the International Closing Event for Mission X 2014 at the Euro Space Center in Belgium. “Mission X train like an astronaut” is an international education project that encourages children to take part in a challenge, adopting a life style reflecting astronaut training. The Closing Event offers participants the opportunity to meet astronauts and trainers, to experience the training simulators for astronauts, to simulate a Shuttle mission and to build a rocket.


The contact will be conducted in English.

Participants will ask as many of the following questions as time allows:


1. What kind of physical exercises do you do during the astronaut training?

2. Do you have a fridge on the ISS?

3. Did you participate to survival camps during your astronaut training?

4. Is it difficult to move on the ISS?

5. Did you ever argued with your crew mates?

6. Do you have animals on board the International Space Station?

7. Did you bring a food which is special to you on the ISS?

8. Do you have children?

9. How long was your training as an astronaut?

10. Were you happy when you got selected as an astronaut?

11. How many hours do you exercise every day?

12. How do you distinguish day and night on ISS?

13. Is astronaut food as good as at home?

14. Are you homesick?

15. What happens if you get sick on the ISS?

16. Do you like science?

17. Do you work as a team on the ISS?

18. Do you think aliens exist?

19. Do you like more rugby, football or martial arts?

20. Did you have many friends when you were a child?


Good luck !




Gaston Bertels, ON4WF

ARISS Europe Chairman