Successful ARISS contact with school in Zuromin, Poland


Monday January 2, 2012 at 12:04 UTC, which is 13:04 CEWT, Complex Szkol

no 2, Zuromin, Poland established an ARISS contact with NASA astronaut

Daniel C. Burbank KC5ZSX aboard the International Space Station.

Astronaut Daniel C. Burbank operated with ISS callsign OR4ISS. This was a

direct contact performed by HAM station SP5PDM, located in the school.


The School Complex no 2 in Zuromin consists of the primary school and a

junior high school.  The primary Kornel Makuszynski School was founded

in 1990 and the Henryk Sienkiewicz junior high school was founded in

1999. There are about 500 students in both schools. Since 2010, the

SP5PMD Amateur Radio Club is operational in the school and the students

learn firsthand about short waves communications.


The questions to the astronaut were asked by students at the school in

Zuromin, where an audience of teachers, 293 youngsters, 43 visitors

including VIP and HAM operators, participated to the ARISS event.


Several civil and academic authorities were present: Head of Zuromin District

anusz Welenc, Mayor of Zuromin City Zbigniew Nosek, Head of Education Department

t Municipal Office of the City of Zuromin Bozena Fijalkowska, Headmaster of

unior grammar school in Biezun Marek Cimochowski,

Headmaster of Polish secondary school in Zuromin Danuta Ryszewska,

Headmaster of ZS nr 2 in Zuromin Roman Lewandowski, Headmaster of SSP in

Kliczewo Janina Gorczyczewska.


At 12:04 UTC, contact with OR4SS was established by station SP5PMD and

the operator presented the event to NASA astronaut Daniel C. Burbank.

Using the amateur station aboard the ISS Service Module, the astronaut

answered 17 questions prepared by students from Zuromin and exchanged

greetings. During the pass the signal from ISS was loud and clear over

Poland and most of Europe.


This was the first ARISS school contact organized under the patronage of

Superintendent of Education of Mazovia Region.


The event was covered by TVP and Polskie Radio, two nation wide media.


The video from the Warszawa TVP emitted at 18:55 on Jan 2, 2012

(timeline between 7:24 and 9:10)is available at :


About 140 people were watching the live Internet streaming video at :


Congratulations to ZS 2 ARISS Zuromin Team SP5PMD!


Photos and audio file will be appended to this Bulletin, archived at




Armand SP3QFE

ARISS mentor


Head of Zuromin District Janusz Welenc
Mayor of Zuromin City Zbigniew Nosek
Students waiting
Students queuing
Group of students
Zuromin Ham Team
Zuromin antennas
Zuromin audio recording