April 21,  2010



Monday 12 April 2010, the Abramowski School SN0ISS in Katowice, Poland, established a radio contact with astronaut Soichi Noguchi, KD5TVP, on board the International Space Station.

Edward Abramowski Technical and Comprehensive Schools Complex no. 3 in Katowice consists of a Technical High School offering two faculties, Photography and IT Electronics, and a Comprehensive School with teaching programmes covering mathematics, IT, journalism and photography. In 1999 the
Abramowski School established an Amateur Radio Club, SP9ZHQ. At present, more than 440 students attend the school.

The radio contact coordinator Jerzy Zajda SP9BGS and his technical team set up a satellite station with automatic antenna tracking as well as a backup vertical antenna.

Contact between SN0ISS and OR4ISS was established at
6:53 UTC, right on schedule. The questions were read by the students. Astronaut Soichi Noguchi answered 11 questions. He explained for example that during the night phase the outside temperature is around minus 200 degree Celsius. At the end the astronaut did send from Space the expression of his condolence to the Polish people.

The audience was about 350 listeners: students, parents, teachers, mass-media representatives, interested parties and VIP's such as the Governor of the
Silesian Province.

All the attendees were very excited and they felt a great relief when they get connected with the ISS. It was an unforgettable moment for everybody. Unfortunately, this contact took place at a very exceptional moment for the Polish people, they lost their President as well as many other authorities in a plane crash exactly 48 hours before the event. The audience was very touched when Soichi sent them his condolences.

The signal from the ISS was almost always clear and loud.

4 TV channels, 3 radio stations, 4 newspapers and a European photo agency covered the event.



Peter Kofler, IN3GHZ

ARISS mentor



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