November 2, 2009




SuitSat-1 was a Russian ORLAN Space Suit, transformed into an amateur radio satellite. It was launched by hand from the ISS during an EVA, February 2006.


ARISSat-1 is a small satellite which will be launched from ISS in 2010 in a way comparable to SuitSat-1.  


SuitSat-1 carried a CD of students' school work.  The ARISSat-1 Team wishes to include on our new satellite a memory stick of files prepared by students. 

This should be a jpg or pdf of things the student has prepared such as a paper or a study done on a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) topic, a drawing of space craft or a schematic, a journal kept on a STEM topic, a story or news article about a STEM subject, a photo of the class doing a hands-on STEM activity -- that type of thing. 
Having the student's work be a part of ARISSat means the student is a part of the satellite project and along for the spacewalk and deployment of ARISSat-1. If you know a schoolteacher or student that you talk to now and them, or if you have a young relative, invite them to give you a jpg or pdf of their science schoolwork for the honor of being part of space activities.
Dave Jordan, AA4KN, will take delivery of these files and copy them onto a memory stick, plus make them available on the web for anyone to see. The quantity of files of reasonable size is not limited, since memory sticks provide for a very large amount of file space. 
Files should be either .JPG or .PDF  -- No Word documents, please.

Please send files to Dave Jordan's address :
Please cc to :

We will check that content is appropriate to students.

Files can be in any language as long as an English translation is also included as a text file.


Deadline: 15 November 2009 !!!



Gaston Bertels - ON4WF

ARISS Chairman