October 4, 2009


Thursday, October 1, 2009, the Ciencia Viva Museum in Lisbon, Portugal, performed an ARISS contact with astronaut Frank de Winne.
The contact was a telebridge between onboard station NA1SS and the ARISS telebridge ground station ON4ISS in Belgium, operated by Philippe Van houte, ON5PV.

Gaston Bertels ON4WF was the moderator of the contact.

The Pavilion of Knowledge - Pavilho do Conhecimento - Ciencia Viva is a National Museum of Science and Technology in
Lisbon. It is an interactive science and technology museum that aims to make science accessible to all, stimulating experimentation and exploration of the physical world by developing science and technology awareness-raising projects for the Portuguese people.

The ARISS contact at Ciencia Viva is a major event within the nationwide celebrated Space Week from October 4 to 10.

For the ARISS contact, students aged between 14 and 16 years from different schools in Amadora, one of the main satellite cities in the outskirts of Lisbon, asked questions to the astronaut. The participating students have been working on Space projects for two years and they were highly motivated to do this science-related activity.

The contact was prepared by the president of AMRAD/AMSAT-CT, Mariano Gonçalvez CT1XI, and the telebridge contact coordinator Fabiano Moser CT/PY5RX. John, AG9D, did the feeding into the AMSAT Echolink server.

The audience was about 300 people. 

At 14.15 UTC, i.e. 15.15 local time, contact with NA1SS was established by ON4ISS. The astronaut Frank De Winne answered all the 20 questions. He described life on the ISS in one word only: fantastic.

The audio from the ISS was excellent all the time. There was enough time left for exchanging greetings.

The contact was covered by the national newspaper DN.

A video is available at




Congratulations to the Ciencia Viva team!

73, Peter Kofler, IN3GHZ, ARISS mentor

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