August 13, 2009


An International Space Station school contact was performed with participants at Night of Stars, Euro Space Center, Belgium on Thursday 13 August2009. The event started at 20:05 UTC, i.e. 22:05 CEST

The contact was a telebridge with ARISS groundstation W6SRJ, located in Santa Rosa, California, operated by Bill Hillendahl, KA6EJB.

Graham Lawton, G7EVY distributed the audio on EchoLink *AMSAT* and *JK1ZRW* Conference servers, while Doug Leblanc, VE1LDL made it available on IRLP Discovery Reflector 9010.  

At Euro Space Center, Dominique Gering, ON4DGF conducted operations. All 20 questions were answered and time was left for Frank De Winne, ON1DWN to say how much amateur radio school contacts are appreciated by the crew.

The audio of the radio contact will be available as an attachment to this News Bulletin, archived at

ARISS is an international educational outreach program partnering the participating space agencies, NASA, Russian Space Agency, ESA, CNES, JAXA, and CSA, with the AMSAT and IARU organizations from participating countries.

ARISS offers an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of Amateur Radio by talking directly with crewmembers onboard the International Space Station. Teachers, parents and communities see, first hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS can energize youngsters' interest in science, technology and learning.


Gaston Bertels, ON4WF

ARISS Chairman

Audio recording mp3