March 07, 2008




Monday 10 March 2008 at 08:30 UTC (09:30 CET) an ARISS School Contact is planned with Lycée Mixte René Gosse, Clermont l’Herault, France. The space talk will be conducted in French with astronaut Leopold Eyharts, FX0STD.


Named after Rene Gosse who was shot by the German Gestapo in 1943, the “Lycee” stands in the very heart of the medieval city of Clermont l’Herault, a reknown tourist place of about 6,000 inhabitants, situated in the Languedoc area, one of the sunniest regions of France.


Most of its buildings date from the 14th century and are located on the site of an ancient Dominican monastery.


The recently restored chapel of the Penitents, built in southern Gothic style, is still used both by the school to accommodate exams and conferences and by the town council as a cultural centre for various artistic events.


Lycee Rene Gosse” welcomes 800 pupils aged 15 to 22. They are taught all subjects required for the curriculum such as: Maths, French, English, Biology, Physical education as well as optional ones like Drama, Music, Latin, Greek, Occitan, English applied to Science, etc...


The space rendez-vous is set up in the outskirts of the city, near the beautiful Salagou lake, where a HamCamp has been installed for this special event with the support of the municipality. France Telecom provided an ADSL phone line that will be used with Skype to send the audio to VK5ZAI in Australia. Tony Hutchison, VK5ZAI will  broadcast the audio over EchoLink.


The contact will be a direct between Leopold Eyharts, FX0STD  and F6KEH. The contact should be audible over most of Europe. Interested parties are invited to listen in on the 145.800 MHz FM downlink.

Students have prepared following questions :

 1. Je suis Quentin. Avez-vous deja eu un poisson dans la station? Si oui, comment arrivez-vous a contenir l'eau dans laquelle il vit? Comment se deplace-t-il et comment a t-il supporte le decollage? OVER


2. Je suis Morgan.Pourquoi n’a-t-on pas construit une station sur la lune plutot que dans l’espace? OVER


3. Je suis Romain.Quel est votre sentiment lorsque vous etes hors de la station et que vous regardez la terre et l’espace? OVER


4. Je suis Marie-Ange.Quelle est votre premiere sensation lorsque vous travaillez en dehors de la station? OVER


5. Je suis Merlin.Quelle est la temperature hors de la station et celle dans la station? OVER


6. Je suis Théo.Comment percevez-vous le soleil depuis la station internationale? Ressemble-t-il a celui que nous voyons depuis la Terre? OVER


7. Je suis Mario.Est-ce que les molecules creees ou transformees en apesanteur subissent des changements lorsqu’elles sont ramenees sur la Terre? OVER


8. Je suis Benjamin.La matiere organique se decompose-t-elle pareillement que sur Terre, dans la station, hors de la station? OVER


9. Je suis Arthur.Ressentez-vous la fatigue? Avez-vous souvent envie de dormir? OVER


10. Je suis Samuel.Comment sont calculees les rations alimentaires? Prenez vous des complements alimentaires? Suivez vous un régime particulier avant votre mission dans l’espace? OVER


11. Je suis Lola.N’etes vous pas frustres a la fin d’un sejour dans l’espace. OVER


12. Je suis Marie.N’avez-vous pas peur des gens apres etre restes si longtemps avec un tout petit groupe de personnes? OVER


13. Je suis Julie.Quelle est l’opération la plus délicate : le décollage ou l’atterrissage? Physiquement et techniquement? OVER


14. Je suis Benjamin.Comment gerez-vous une blessure accidentelle? Avez-vous recu une formation medicale particuliere? Les médicaments, s’ils sont pris avec le meme dosage que sur Terre ont-ils le meme effet? OVER


15. Je suis William.Quelles sont vos emotions dans les heures qui precedent le decollage? OVER


16. Je suis Marie.Seriez vous prets a venir a Clermont l’Herault apres votre voyage dans l’espace? OVER


17. Je suis Jordy.De quelle manière vos 5 sens sont-ils perturbes dans l’espace? OVER


18. Je suis Marie-Ange.Quels sont les effets de l’apesanteur sur la pression arterielle? OVER


19. Je suis Théo.Quel a ete votre sentiment lorsque vous avez appris que vous aviez ete designe pour rejoindre la station? OVER


20. Je suis Romain.Personnellement, qu’est-ce qui a declenche votre passion pour l’espace? OVER



The audio for this event will be fed into the EchoLink *AMSAT* (101 377) and *JK1ZRW* (277 208) servers by Tony VK5ZAI.  Where it looks at this time that we get the audio from this contact via Skype, it is unlikely that the audio from this event will also be fed into the IRLP Discovery Reflector 9010. 


We hope to have good two way audio from this contact.  So far, with previous Skype feed contacts, we had good audio through Skype to get the audio from schools into our EchoLink conference rooms .

As we do normally, as soon as audio is suitable for transmission over amateur radio, we may be able to start feeding audio of set up activities from about 10 to 25 minutes prior to the start of the actual contact into EchoLink for listeners who enjoy listening in on these proceedings.

Please note that there are automatic breaks in the audio transmission every 2.5 minutes during the event and while we listen to preparations going on for this contact. Each audio break is approximately 1 second long.  Please configure your systems to not time out during times of inactivity or ongoing audio transmissions.

For everyone's information and future reference.  When any ARISS event can be supported through the IRLP "Discovery" Reflector 9010, audio is automatically streamed to the Internet.

It is then available via the "Discovery" Reflectors companion web site . Once on its main page, select "Live Streaming Audio" (left side bar) and follow the prompts.

More directly the URL is as follows:

The audio on the Internet is typically delayed by about two minutes.




Gaston bertels, ON4WF

ARISS-Europe chairman