19 April 2007




Students from four European schools will have the opportunity to talk with US astronaut Sunita Williams KD5PLB over amateur radio in the next two weeks:


- Monday April 23 at 14:50 UTC :  Scuola Europea Varese, located near Milan, Italy

- Saturday April 28 at 14:19 UTC: Samuel-von-Pufendorf Gymnasium, located in Floeha, Germany

- Saturday May 5 at 10:24 UTC: Liceo Scientifico Statale “Lorenzo Respighi”, Piacenza, Italy

- Saturday May 5 at 13:34 UTC: Erweiterte Realschule Weiskirchen, Germany.


The school in Varese will benefit from a “telebridge” operated by the Australian ARISS groundstation VK4KHZ.


The ARISS EchoLink and IRLP teams will relay the audio from the Varese telebridge contact. The contact will also be webcast courtesy of Verizon Conferencing.


EchoLink -  The audio will be available on the EchoLink *AMSAT*  (node 101 377) and the *JK1ZRW* (node 277 208) conference rooms. Please connect to the *JK1ZRW* server to keep the load light on the *AMSAT* server.  This will ensure good audio quality for all listeners.


IRLP -  Connect to the IRLP reflector 9010. 

You may also connect via the IRLP Discovery website  at



The three other schools will perform a “direct” radio contact with the ISS and the signals from space will be audible on 145.800MHz FM all over Europe.


Please note, the amateur equipment on the ISS is not functioning in the automatic modes properly and may be silent more than usual.


ARISS, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, an international working group of several amateur radio societies from countries participating to the ISS, provides a free educational outreach programme in collaboration with the Space Agencies, involving a worldwide team of volunteering amateur radio operators.


Gaston Bertels, ON4WF

ARISS-Europe chairman