ARISS-Europe News Bulletin – 20.09.2006




Friday 22 September 2006 at 10:44 UTC (12:44 local time), an ARISS direct radio contact is planned in Payerne, Switzerland with German astronaut Thomas Reiter, DF4TR presently onboard the International Space Station.


This is an ESA organized event which will take place in the museum "Clin d'Ailes", located on the Payerne Swiss Airforce Base. The president of the Museum Foundation is Claude Nicollier, first Swiss Astronaut, who will participate to the event.


Students of the “Gymnase Intercantonal de la Broye” will put questions to the astronaut:

1.      My name is Fabienne. Could you observe northern lights from the ISS? OVER.

2.      My name is Lara. Is it true that the great wall of China is the only monument you can see from space? OVER.

3.      My name is Fanny. How long does your mission last for? OVER.

4.      My name is Christopher. What does your mission on the ISS consist of? OVER.

5.      My name is Mazitu. What are the changes to your biological clock aboard the ISS? OVER.

6.      My name is Annick. What are your daily occupations on the ISS? OVER.

7.      My name is Nathalie. How many people are on the ISS, and how is the ambience? OVER.

8.      My name is Cédric. What do you miss the most when you leave the Earth? OVER.

9.      My name is Aude. What are your activities in space when you are not working? OVER.

10.     My name is Glody. Do you have Extra Vehicular Activities on the ISS. OVER.

11.     My name is Sarah. How does your family react knowing you so far away? OVER.

12.     My name is Adriana. What is the procedure to empty the toilets and to get rid of the waste in general? OVER.

13.     My name is Oriana. What is the most interesting thing that you have seen in space? OVER.

14.     My name is Anthony. Isn't it difficult to live being cut off from Earth? OVER.

15.     My name is Kate. How is the feeling to sleep in weightlessness? OVER.

16.     My name is Célia. Have you had any technical problem on the ISS during your journey?      OVER.

17.     My name is Jessica. How long can an astronaut stay on the ISS? OVER.

18.     My name is Adna. What stars can you see on the ISS? OVER.

19.     My name is Rahel. Is the transition difficult between earth and space? OVER.

20.     My name is Nathanaël. Is it difficult to live in such a small space? OVER.

The downlink signals will be audible in Europe on 145.800 MHz FM.

ARISS, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, an international working group of several amateur radio societies from countries participating to the ISS, provides a free educational outreach programme in collaboration with the Space Agencies, involving a team of volunteering amateur radio operators.



Gaston Bertels, ON4WF

ARISS-Europe chairman