ARISS-Europe News Bulletin – 31.07.2006




Saturday 29 July 2006 at 12.27 UTC, ARISS set up a live space talk for ESA Space Camp in Patras, Greece with German astronaut Thomas Reiter, DF4TR presently onboard the International Space Station.


The radio contact was performed by ARISS ground station in Sacred Heart’s College, Honolulu, Hawaii, operated by Nancy Rocheleau, WH6PN. Signals will be relayed to Greece by telebridge, courtesy of Verizon Teleconferencing.


Participating to this ESA organized event was Mrs Marietta Giannakou, Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs, who put the first questions, inviting Thomas Reiter to address a message to the youth and to comment experiments presently conducted onboard the International Space Station.


Thomas said there is so much we can gain for the benefit of mankind by going to space and explore other planets. He encouraged young people to engage in careers related to space flight. One of his experiments is to study the behaviour of fluids of different densities in microgravity.


Answering questions of students, Thomas insisted on the importance for candidate astronauts to firstly study hard and acquire a solid background in sciences such as biology, physics or medical science. About space exploration he said we will go back to the Moon within a few years and possibly to Mars 25 years from now.


The Patras event was highlighted by Greek national TV evening news and largely commented in several newspapers.


The ARISS School Contact was also distributed on EchoLink and IRLP.   


Several hams around the world offered their time and efforts to this educational event:


Thomas Reiter, DF4TR, ISS                                  [12]  Astronaut

Nancy Rocheleau, WH6PN, Honolulu, Hawaii          [2]   Operator

Tim Bosma, W6MU, Santa Rosa, California             [5]   Backup

John Nickel, WD5EEV, Winfield, Kansas                 [7]   Coordinator

Will Marchant,  KC6ROL, Berkeley, Californa           [5]   Moderator

Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO, Houston                        [7]   NASA

Sergey Samburov, RV3DR, Korolev                       [16]   Energia                    

Dieter Schliemann,  KX4Y, Scottsboro,  Alabama     [7]   EchoLink

Graham Lawton, G7EVY, UK                                [13]   EchoLink

Satoshi Yasuda, JK1ZRW, Japan                          [19]   Echolink

Wayne Harasimovitch, VE1WPH , Halifax, Canada   [9]   IRLP

Manos Darkadakis, SV1IW, Patras                        [15]   Telebridge

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF, Brussels – Patras           [15]   Telebridge


The numbers in brackets are the local times for each of the participants during the event.


A great “Thank you” to everyone!


An audio recording and pictures will be available on <>


ARISS, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, an international working group of several amateur radio societies from countries participating to the ISS, provides a free educational outreach programme in collaboration with the Space Agencies, involving a team of volunteering amateur radio operators.



Gaston Bertels, ON4WF

ARISS-Europe chairman

Patras audio
Patras picture 1 : Elena Grifoni-Winters, Marietta Giannakou, Michel Tognini, Reinhold Ewald
Patras picture 2 : Gaston Bertels (ON4WF), Marietta Giannakou, Minister National Education and Religious Affairs
Patras picture 3 : ON4WF
Patras picture 4 : ON4WF, M. Giannakou, Manos Darkadakis, SV1IW
Patras picture 5 : ON4WF, Student, SV1IW