The U.S. team have gotten word that Mike Foale is hoping to get on the radio sometime this weekend for a couple of passes.  He also stated that he is anticipating supporting about 2 passes per weekend through the month of December.  This, of course, is completely contingent upon his schedule and other duties or issues that might crop up on ISS.


We have provided Mike a list of potential passes for this weekend.  These are shown below.  It is our expectation that Mike will probably concentrate on a couple of passes over North America and/or and Europe this weekend, but we cannot be sure of this.  So our advice is to be listening where ever you live in the world.


The passes shown are during the times that the ISS Ham radio team have been given permission to schedule school group operations and general operations (i.e. within a specified period when the crew is awake).  We added an additional pass on November 30 from 21:21-21:39 UTC which is outside these constraints.  It is a better pass for North America.  However, it is unclear if this will be uplinked to Mike.  Again, I would listen in if I were you.


To reiterate:  depending on Mike's schedule, he hopes to be on the air for a couple of the passes shown.


Please don't forget the frequencies (see below).


Also, regarding the special event certificate---please do NOT send for it until you have received explicit QSL instructions from the ARISS team on this.  We are in the process of developing and printing the certificate, so please hold off on sending in your QSL until we give you specific envelope size directions.


I wish you the best in your pursuits to contact the ISS.  Remember, please be brief in your QSOs so we can get a lot of participation.




Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

Pass Times:

-------------- U.S./North America ---------------


Nov 29  0727-0741 UTC  West coast

Nov 30  0802-0811 UTC  West coast

            1816-1828 UTC  East coast

            1946-2003 UTC  Mid-west and East Coast

            21:21-21:39 UTC Mid-west and East Coast


-------------- Europe/Russia --------------

Nov 29  1444-1500 UTC  East

            1618-1635 UTC  Central

            1755-1812 UTC  West, North, East

            1932-1948 UTC  North

Nov 30  1345-1357 UTC  East

            1516-1533 UTC  Central

            1652-1709 UTC  West, North, East

            1830-1846 UTC  North


-------------- Japan ---------------

Nov 29  0844-0856 UTC  North

           1022-1032 UTC  North

           1158-1209 UTC  North

           1334-1345 UTC  Central

           1511-1519 UTC  South

Nov 30  0741-0754 UTC  North

           0920-0930 UTC  North

           1056-1106 UTC  North

           1231-1243 UTC  Central

           1408-1418 UTC  South


-------------- Australia -----------

Nov 29  1655-1712 UTC  East

            1830-1840 UTC  West

Nov 30  1553-1610 UTC  East

            1728-1745 UTC  Central

            1905-1922 UTC  West & South