July 4, 2003


Every year in July a group of youngsters of american families of the USAF stationed in Europe participate to a Space Camp at the Euro Space Center in Belgium.

An ARISS School Contact is scheduled Monday 7 July at 08:25 UTC (10:25 local time). The space campers have prepared a series of questions they intend to ask astronaut Ed Lu.

Interested parties are invited to listen to Ed Lu's answers on the downlink frequency 145.800 MHz. Here are the questions:

01. My name is Dominic. What is it like in space? What does take-off feel like? OVER
02. My name is Janel. How old were you when you became an astronaut and why did you become one? OVER
03. My name is Leo. How long did it take you to become and astronaut? OVER
04. My name is Kelsey-Chea. How do you like the space station and what do you miss from earth? OVER
05. My name is Carlos. What was your biggest fear about becoming and astronaut? OVER
06. My name is Eric. How can your job at the space station help us on Earth? OVER
07. My name is Devlen. How fast do you travel through space? OVER
08. My name is Leo. Have you ever been to space? OVER
09. My name is Brandon. How do they breathe for so long in the shuttle? OVER
10. My name is Elizabeth. In case of an emergency what procedures do you go through? OVER
11. My name is Carly. What is the most unusual or exciting thing you have ever experienced in space? OVER
12. My name is Shannon. How do you feel when you see the Earth from so far away? OVER
13. My name is Casey. How do you go to the bathroom without gravity? OVER
14. My name is Breanna. Do you know anyone who found the new moons on Jupiter? OVER
15. My name is Arielle. Can you see the rings of Saturn from where you are? OVER
16. My name is Michael. Is there any sound in space? If not, why? OVER
17. My name is Eric. If you change or add anything to the space program or the space station, what would it be? OVER
18. My name is Devlen. How hot is it when you come through the earth's atmosphere? OVER
19. My name is Eric. How does the space shutlle fuel affect the environment on Earth? OVER

There will probably be not enough time for all of the 19 questions to be handled. The ISS will pass far to the south and maximum elevation will be only 19 degrees. Listeners in south-western Europe will be favoured.

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
ARISS Vice Chairman