January 24, 2002  

ARISS antenna to be fixed to the Zwesda module 

Friday 25 January 2002, NASA plans a 5.30 hours long EVA starting 15.00 UTC. (EVA = Extra Vehicular Activity, or Space Walk).

During this EVA, the second ARISS antenna will be fixed on the Service Module "Zwezda". This antenna is the longer one, which will enable future HF operations (29 MHz).

The work on the ARISS antenna is scheduled at the end of the EVA, at approximately 20.00-20.30 UTC.

Service communications with the earthbound control stations in US and Russia will be on 143.625 MHz FM. Some Russian downlink communications will extend over western Europe. ARISS-Europe will collect reception reports and audio .wav files. Please forward your material to <gaston.bertels@skynet.be>.