December 24, 2001

ISS Expedition-4

Expedition-4 Commander Yury Onufrienko and Flight Engineers Carl Walz and Dan Bursch have completed their first week of independent operations aboard the International Space Station, after bidding farewell to their predecessors. The Expedition-3 crew (and the crew of Endeavour) successfully completed their journey back to Earth.

Aboard ISS, Onufrienko, Bursch and Walz spent the week activating science experiments, including a cell growth experiment used to study colon and ovarian cancer cells and human kidney cells. They also continued to familiarize themselves with their new home, unload the Progress 6 cargo ship, and unpack equipment and supplies brought aboard by Endeavour.

Each member of the new crew holds an Amateur Radio license. Commander Onufrienko is RK3DUO, Bursch is KD5PNU, and Walz holds KC5TIE. All three are expected to be on the air regularly for school contacts and possible open QSO's as time permits.

The crew will continue experiment work and they will have a day off on Christmas Day to observe the holiday. The station's food stores include turkey and some other traditional holiday foods. The crew also will observe a holiday on New Year's Day.