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009 - Heart of America Council Boy Scouts of America, Kansas City, MO

Scheduled on 2017-09-23 12:03:49 UTC 26 deg

The Scouting 500 is a Council wide event of the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America.  The Council serves 29,830 youth and 14,255 adult leaders in the 17 bordering Missouri and Kansas counties which constitute the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area.  We expect 12,000 to 14,000 boys and their adult leaders and parents.
The Scouting 500 is taking place on the grounds of the NASCAR Kansas Speedway.  In the infield of the track we will have 114 different activities for the attendees.  That of course includes a demonstration NASCAR Stock Car race with 5 regular NASCAR cars and their drivers.   More on the Scouting line we have a large artificial trout pool where the boys can tie their own flies and practice casting.  Another tank will conduct scuba lessons.  There will be custom cars, bb guns, a hot air balloon, go carts, archery, scout skills and of course a substantial STEM area.

The highlight of our STEM program is the ARISS contact.   The contact will be a part of the STEM-Amateur Radio Exhibit.  The exhibit includes educational displays about amateur, a morse code station where the Scouts can practice sending and receiving their name and unit number to one another and other information about the International Space Station.  Key to the exhibit are radio stations manned with licensed operators each operating in one of several different modes.  We will have VHF\UHF featuring repeater usage, APRS and ECHOLINK.  We will have HF stations running CW, SSB, JT65 and remote and other digital modes.  Our call sign is K2BSA/0.

We look forward to working the ISS.    

Students First Names & Questions:

1. Gabriel (Age 9): What was purpose of the last spacewalk and did you get to go on it?

2. Ryan (Age 15): For boosting the space station’s orbit, what is typically used if not Zarya?

3. Maxwell (Age 8): If someone gets hurt or sick who gives them first aid?

4. Dakota (Age 14): What have you done for entertainment that is unique to do in space?

5. Grant (Age 10): How do you exercise on the space station and how do your muscles feel in gravity?

6. Tradjun (Age 13): What is your current experiment and why is it best done in space?

7. Trenton (Age 8): Can you make out cities from space at night?

8. Gabriel (Age 9): What is your favorite meal and how is it prepared?

9. Ryan (Age 15): What is the next big thing in space exploration in your opinion?

10. Maxwell (Age 8): What got you interested in being an astronaut?

11. Dakota (Age 14): How difficult is it to get used to gravity once you come back to earth?

12.  Grant (Age 10): How long does it take to get to the station from earth?

13. Tradjun (Age 13): What is the best type of college degree to get to become an astronaut?

14. Trenton (Age 8): Is being weightless like swimming under water? It seems you move slowly.

15. Gabriel (Age 9): Do you find it hard to sleep with so much going on around you all the time?

16. Ryan (Age 15): What is your opinion about privately trained astronauts working in space and possibly aboard the ISS?

17. Maxwell (Age 8): What did the recent solar eclipse look like from space?

18. Dakota (Age 14): When you return to earth how long will it take to get used to gravity?

19. Grant (Age 10): How long can you be outside the ISS in a spacesuit before you have to return?

20. Tradjun (Age 8): Do you have a telescope on board since you can see clearer without the earth’s atmosphere?