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007 - Beenleigh State High School, Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia

Scheduled on Mon 2017-09-11 12:58:34 UTC 77 deg via K6DUE

Beenleigh State High School is located about 30 km south of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia and provides a broad-based education for local students. The school has a proud record of academic achievement in science, technology, coding and mathematics, and offers students the opportunity to complete university subjects in science.  Beenleigh State High School runs specialized programs in Music, Agricultural Science and Rugby League based around our motto of Semper Altiora (Aim Higher). School facilities include a new eLearning centre, state-of-the-art science laboratories, purpose-built trade training centre (hospitality kitchen), modern special education unit and a fully operational farm.
The school draws students from a diverse range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. As such, diversity is valued and celebrated at Beenleigh State High School. Our school population has: 12% Indigenous students, 20% Polynesian students and 5% students for whom English is a second language. The school has a very active Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander unit called “Mibunn Jinndi” meaning Eagle’s Nest and also a strong culture group; both the groups participate in performances throughout the school year and in the community.
Our school is located close to the Gold Coast Space Flight Academy located at Pimpama and our nomination for ARISS was facilitated by this growing Aerospace business. 

Students First Names & Questions:
1. Alecson: Living in low gravity can cause your muscles to deteriorate, so how do you keep fit to ensure you are still able to return to Earth’s gravity without problems?

2. Tahlia: What are the future goals of the International Space Station?

3. Erynn: What’s your opinion on the settlement of Mars? Would you ever sign up for the colonization of Mars?

4. Sami: What kind of jobs involving Biology are there in the space industry? 

5. Phoenix: What has been the most challenging experiment you have attempted so far?

6. Sequioa: How has your understanding of the universe changed since seeing the Earth from space?

7. Bonnie: What are your thoughts on other life forms existing on another planet or in another galaxy?

8. Maitlan: Will your blood flow or internal organs be affected by the low gravity on the ISS?

9. Myrenna: NASA has been working on a supersonic parachute which worked successfully when it went to Mars previously. NASA is still trying to make a bigger, better and stronger supersonic parachute that will go to Mars with astronauts. So my question is what type of material will be used to do this?

10. Kyle: Do your energy requirements change in space? E.g. do you have to eat more or less food?

11. Caitlin: What kind of training do you do before you go to space?

12. Robert: How have you adapted to life on the International Space Station and how do you think you will adapt back to life on Earth?

Mon 2017-09-11 12:58:34 UTC 77 deg via K6DUE