006 - Meadows Elementary School, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

Scheduled from 04/09/2017 to 10/09/2017

Meadows Elementary is located in Manhattan Beach, California, about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Manhattan Beach is a small coastal community- about 36,000 residents, but located close to LAX, giving it a lot of international visitors. It is also located near SpaceX (10 miles), Northrop-Grumman (2 miles), and Boeing Satellite Systems (4 miles), making the area a huge push in the aerospace industry.

Meadows Elementary is one of 7 schools (5 elementary) in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. Meadows is a Kindergarten-5th grade school with about 450 students. While not incredibly diverse, with 62% white, 12% Asian, and 12% Hispanic students, 15% of its students are on an Individualized Education Plan or IEP, to deal with learning difficulties. The campus has a Math Olympiad after-school program that consistently places in the top 5 in LA County, a hands-on science program for all students K-5 during the school day, and a library for every student to access every week with their classroom.

Students First Names & Questions:

1. Adam: How do you get picked to be an astronaut?
2. Quinten: What kind of experiments do you do in space?
3. Leyla: How do you eat without your food flying away?
4. Avery: Is it colorful in space?
5. Maguire: How long did it take to get to the ISS?
6. Trisha: What is something that you do in space that is different than on Earth?
7. Carter: How do you take a shower in space?
8. Toby: Has the ISS ever been hit by a meteorite?
9. Annabelle: How long does your oxygen tank last when you are on a spacewalk?
10. Adam: How many rooms does the ISS have?
11. Quinten: Does anyone ever get sick with a cold or the flu on the ISS?  
12. Leyla: What do you sleep in at night? Do you have space pajamas?  
13. Avery: Who inspired you to be an astronaut?
14. Maguire: What is the one of the most interesting things you have seen when you are in space?
15. Trisha: What do you do to relax when you are in space?
16. Carter: What is the most interesting job you have done on the ISS?
17. Toby: What does a sunrise or sunset on Earth look like from space?
18. Annabelle: What is something that you miss about Earth?
19. TBD: Can you see stars from the ISS?
20. TBD: What does space sound like? Can you hear anything?
21. TBD: What should a student study in school to be an astronaut?