034 - Huntley Centennial Public School, Carp, ON, Canada

Scheduled on 2017-11-28 17:10:30 UTC 28 deg via VK4KHZ

Huntley is a Kindergarten to grade 8 school that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Huntley is located in a small tight knit community just outside of Ottawa Ontario. The school population is around 525 students, with both an English and French Immersion program. Our students are very active in the community and participate in numerous extracurricular activities.

Students Questions:

1) Daniel: What is the most interesting research you are doing?

2) Ellie: How do you talk to your family and friends in outer space?

3) Edyn: What do you eat and how do you cook in space?

4) Sophia: How long does it take to get to space station?

5) Charlie: What do you do to prepare for the re-entry into Earth's atmosphere and gravity effects?

6) Kaylee/Jasmine: How is the space station controlled?

7) Ethan: How long can people stay in space and what is the record?

8) Almedin: What is the temperature outside of space station and how do you stay warm both on board and when doing a spacewalk?

9) Madelyn: How is air produced on space station and how often do you bring supplies on board?

10) What is the training process to become an astronaut?

11) Simran: Have you ever regretted being in space?

12) Since the toilet is made for zero gravity, how do you train to use it on earth?

13) Does your view of the world change after your return from space?

14) What does it feel like returning to earth after being in space?