Mentors Task Description

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Mentors Task Description
Update 07.06.2017

The ARISS-Europe School Contact Procedure, available on the ARISS-Europe website at:
states that:

Interested schools submit an Application (includes Authorization and use of personal information) and present a STEAM oriented educational project (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

In the European Region (Europe, Africa and Middle-East), Schools and Youth organizations, interested in setting up an ARISS radio contact with an astronaut onboard the International Space Station, are invited to submit their requests from September to November and from February to April. The documents shall be e-mailed to the ARISS-Europe School Selection Manager:

An “ARISS Mentor” checks how the school can fulfill the requested STEAM oriented educational activities, adapted to age and level of the participating students. Collaboration with a teacher favors the selection process. The waiting list for the ARISS-Europe Region is updated in June and in January.

The ARISS Mentor is the main actor is the school contact procedure all along the process:

1. From the  Application till the Selection Period

2. During the Selection Period

3. From the Selection till the Contact Period

4. After the contact

The Mentor shall help the school and verify that this important document be completed and forwarded immediately after the contact.

Remark - The Mentor’s tasks are simplified in the following cases:


School Selection Criteria

School is running Space oriented program with (science) teacher support high
School is selected by astronaut high
School’s country/region never or rarely selected high
School is running ham licensing program medium
School is running sessions with volunteering radio amateur medium
School accepts to share contact with other school medium
School has active amateur radio club low
School has special anniversary/event low