Successful contact for Beenleigh State High School, Australia with Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA

On Monday, September 11 at 12:58 UTC, Paolo Nespoli IZ0JPA conducted an ARISS telebridge contact with 13 students from Beenleigh State High School, Beenleigh Queensland Australia.

Despite the event being conducted at almost 11:00pm local time a total of 46 students, parents and educators attended. Unfortunately, there was no media in attendance on the evening, several students were interviewed the following day by local radio and TV reporters.
The evening event commenced at around 9:00pm local time with telescopes set up in the school grounds and local educators guiding students on an informative tour through the solar system.
This was followed by a very informative presentation conducted by Mr Nick McClean of Gilmore Space Australia, explaining to the students the engineering and experimentation work which Gilmore Space Australia is currently conducting in developing reusable space delivery vehicles.
Science teacher and head of department, Mr Chris Meagher then presented a very informative and inspirational video of Paolo Nespoli which was very well received by the students.
Shane VK4KHZ, set up a portable satellite tracking station, complete with tracking antennas and radio with auto doppler correction, inside the venue which emulated what was occurring at the ground station K6DUE, Shane also explained to the students how we track the ISS and doppler shift effects etc. The students were very interested to see the antennas commence tracking the ISS just seconds before AOS.
Acting as the telebridge ground station, K6DUE at the Goddard Space Flight Centre, Maryland USA received the amazingly clear signal from the ISS right on time and sent the signal, via the telephone system, to the school in Beenleigh, Queensland Australia.  Paolo answered all 13 student questions explaining each response in great detail, and with considerable passion.
At the end of the questions there was sufficient time for Science teacher Mr Chris Meagher to thank Paolo for his time and the small group of excited students, parents and educators then sent a burst of applause to Paolo just before K6DUE closed the link.
Beenleigh State High School is located about 30 km south of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia and provides a broad-based education for local students. The school has a proud record of academic achievement in science, technology, coding and mathematics, and offers students the opportunity to complete university subjects in science.  Beenleigh State High School runs specialized programs in Music, Agricultural Science and Rugby League based around our motto of Semper Altiora (Aim Higher). School facilities include a new eLearning centre, state-of-the-art science laboratories, purpose-built trade training centre (hospitality kitchen), modern special education unit and a fully operational farm.
The school draws students from a diverse range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. As such, diversity is valued and celebrated at Beenleigh State High School. Our school population has: 12% Indigenous students, 20% Polynesian students and 5% students for whom English is a second language. The school has a very active Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander unit called “Mibunn Jinndi” meaning Eagle’s Nest and also a strong culture group; both the groups participate in performances throughout the school year and in the community.

vy 73 de Shane VK4KHZ

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