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Successful contact for Boston Red Sox Outreach to School Groups, Boston, MA, USA with Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA

On Thursday, September 14 at 15:03 UTC, Paolo Nespoli IZ0JPA spoke to approximately 2000 students from across Massachusetts gathered at Fenway Park, home  of the Boston Red Sox. 

Acting as the telebridge ground station, W6SRJ in Santa Rosa, California received the signal from the ISS and sent it via the telephone system to Boston.  Nespoli answered all 22 student questions and had the change to exchange a final goodbye with the group.

Fenway Park hosted to close to twenty schools from five of the six New England states for a STEM event. This event, specifically the on-field activities like engineering and launching water bottle rockets in the shadow of the historic Green Monster, provided schools with a real-world application of the Next Generation Science curriculum. With the partnership of ARISS and the ISS contact, the STEM activities (both the activities of the day and the pre-teaching activities sent to schools prior) shifted to a STEM NASA, space and amateur radio focus. The goal of ISS contact was to be a draw to those schools from all over New England who do not have the capacity to otherwise go through the contact proposal and host a contact.

AOS was right on time for this contact and the signal to Fenway Park was strong throughout the entire contact.  W6SRJ was able to maintain a very strong signal throughout the entire pass. Nespoli told the crowd he looked forward to coming to Fenway and seeing their favorite baseball team upon his return.  LOS happened shortly after a thank you and cheer from the crowd.

vy 73 de Brian VE6JBJ

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