SADAR_K Satellites tracking program

Install procedure


  1. Read the Install procedure carefully.
  2. Click  SADAR_K_Download  and locate the zipped file  SADAR_K_Download.exe .
  3. Unzip  SADAR_K_Download.exe  to a suitable folder.
  4. Open that folder. You will see several files and one folder.
  5. Run  SADAR_K_Install.exe . This will :

        create a new folder  C:\Program Files\SADAR_K 

        create a desktop shortcut

  1. In  C:\Program Files\SADAR_K  there will be four files :
  2. SADAR_K.exe is the tracking program. The desktop shortcut activates this executable.
  3. Other files will be created when you run the program.
  4. Please read the  SADAR_K_Guide.doc  for more details.