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ARISSat-1 is an amateur radio satellite to be hand launched from the International Space Station during an EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity).

A tentative date for the launch is October 2010.

Teachers and students are invited to fly a file aboard this amateur radio satellite. The ARISSat-1 Team wishes to include on our new satellite a memory stick of files prepared by students.  This should be a jpg or pdf of things the student has prepared such as a paper or a study done on a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) topic, a drawing of space craft or a schematic, a journal kept on a STEM topic, a story or news article about a STEM subject, a photo of the class doing a hands-on STEM activity -- that type of thing.

Files should be either .JPG or .PDF  -- no Word documents, please.  Please send files to Dave Jordan's address --

If the file contains photos or names of persons, a "Talent Authorisation and Release" is requested. The appropriate document can be downloaded from HERE.

The permission slip has to be signed by the student or his/her guardian if the student is a minor.

The signed Release Form is to be e-mailed in pdf format to Dave Jordan.

Deadline for submitting files: March 1st, 2010.

Accepted messages are posted here.


Gaelcholaiste School in Wicklow, Ireland

Periscope project - Lusai-p1.JPG

Periscope project - Lusai-p2.JPG

Periscope project - Faye-p1.JPG

Periscope project - Faye-p2.JPG

Ohm's Law - Aife-p1.JPG

Ohm's Law - Aife-p2.JPG

Magnetic field - Oscar-p1.JPG

Magnetic field - Oscar-p2.JPG

Magnetic Field - SARAH-kATE-p1.JPG

Magnetic Field - SARAH-kATE-p2.JPG

Dissolved solids in H2O - Aife-p1.JPG

Dissolved solids in H2O - Aife-p2.JPG

Create NaCl - Ailbe.pdf-p1.JPG

Create NaCl - Ailbe.pdf-p2.JPG

Create NaCl - Ailbe.pdf-p3.JPG

Budbrooke school.pdf


Sister Lake Elementary.pdf

Ralph McCall school CAN 1.jpg

Ralph McCall school CAN 2.jpg

Mt. St. Jospeph Academy Ham Club.jpg

Mt. St. Jospeph Academy Ham Club 2.jpg

St. Thomas School ARISS contact.jpg

Sleepy Hill Scl. - stu.1.jpg

Sleepy Hill Scl. - stu.2.jpg

Sleepy Hill Scl. - stu.3.jpg

Sleepy Hill Scl. - stu.4.jpg

Payerne Space Days.pdf

AMRAD 1.jpg

AMRAD 2.jpg

AMRAD 3.jpg

AMRAD 4.jpg

AMRAD 5.jpg

AMRAD 6.jpg

AMRAD 7.jpg

AMRAD 8.jpg

AMRAD 9.jpg

AMRAD 10.jpg

AMRAD 11.jpg

AMRAD 12.jpg

AMRAD 13.jpg

AMRAD 14.jpg

AMRAD 15.jpg

AMRAD 16.jpg

AMRAD 17.jpg

AMRAD 18.jpg

Chiaramonte school Science Fair Project.jpg

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