Current Status of ISS Stations

Current Status of ISS Stations as of 22.10.2015

Columbus Module radios:

  • Ericsson VHF- Currently supporting packet operations.
  • Ericsson UHF- Stowed
  • HamTV - Operational. Expected to be powered off for EVAs on Oct. 28 and Nov 6. Could possibly be off between those dates as well.

Service Module radios:

  • Kenwood D700, station #1 (delivered in 2003) - Stowed (memories erased).
  • Kenwood D700, station #2 (delivered in 2008) -Stowed.
  • Kenwood D710 -Is being utilized for scheduled Russian school contacts. 

For up-to-the-minute reports of station status as reported by active hams around the world refer to the ISS Fan Club website.